February 2012
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I’m set! I got my Mom, I’m the Flash and I got a lifetime supply of poptarts. Fuck you Zombies!

I’m set! I got my Mom, I’m the Flash and I got a lifetime supply of poptarts. Fuck you Zombies!

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    My friend Taylor, A Big League Baseball Bat, and Chicken Tenders with white gravy.
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    Mah friend Panda, the Phage from Warframe, and a lifetime supply of peanut butter
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    // psychoticrat, the HL2 shotgun, and strawberry poptarts…
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    //My friends Lester, I guess Mecha-Malphite is my weapon, and life time supply of Subway Melts,….to fucked at all!
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    my fucking mom, a FUCKING IRON SWORD, AND FUCKING ICE CREAM sandwiches I AM FUCKED
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    @Fantrollsandfanfic Chillrend from skyrim And an infinite supply of fideo…..I think we’re good?
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    My internet friend sigmas and A killing edge from fire emblem.
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    Vystar (my bank), whatever Heimerdinger has lying around in his little toolbelt pretty much, chicken and fries.
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    Katja, Dawnbreaker (muhahaha, eat shit undead mothafackas…!), spagetti with minced meat. The new world is mine. :>
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    Well I’m stuck with artybluearty I have a lifetime supply of fried chicken and my weapon is a single light cigarette
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    lets see rakshha 1-handed sword baumkuchen i’d say i’d be fairly well equiped
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    My “significant other”, a crowbar and bacon sandwiches…I’ll cope xD
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    Ok I swear to god I don’t play video games like EVER ok so my weapon? IS MY FUCKING POKEMON TEAM SUCK IT BITCHES
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    Urz, the shittiest Mass Effect 3 pistol (dammit ending why do I have to use the worst one not the Citadel DLC one), and...
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    Kristen, A Vindicator Assault Rifle, and infinite cheeseburgers. This can only go well…
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    So, uhm A friend of mine, Link’s Sword and PIZZA FOR EVER OH GODS YESSA
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    My best female friendThe Hawke Key (two handed version) from DA2 Boneless banquet from KFCI’ll think I will manage quite...