February 2012
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I’m set! I got my Mom, I’m the Flash and I got a lifetime supply of poptarts. Fuck you Zombies!

I’m set! I got my Mom, I’m the Flash and I got a lifetime supply of poptarts. Fuck you Zombies!

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    I survive with my best friend Lauryn, my weapon is Clementine’s hatchet, and my food is white rice.
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    the last person i messaged was my god brother, the last game i played was coincidentally the walking dead season 2 so i...
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    My boss, double crescent blades, and pupusas. I’m so ready for this.
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    Last person: my super-tough mean violent friend (I’m not complaining) Last weapon: Last game I played was Minecraft… so...
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    Triton, master sword, pizza. HELL YEAH!
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    my-wretched-and-divine Pokemon Pizza
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    I have not texted or IMd anyone. Last game I played was DW Gundam 3: so my weapon would be the Nu Gundam. My lifetime...
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    My cousin; sword; Mike & Ike. Damn, I’m SOL.
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    Uh the person i survive with is yuria-chan Last weapon in video game thingy, uhhh Mastersword. Last thing i ate,...
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    Olatana (she counts because skype), a shovel, and cadbury’s chocolate pudding.LET’S DO THIS SHIT.
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    i’ve got crypticgradations just like she’s got me, a lifetime supply of mashed potatoes, and a positive fucking attitude...
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    young-dancers-blog , a batman boomerang, and those little cheery candies….. we not surviving long babe.
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    I’ve got amaranthinecanicular, a Typhlosion, and a lifetime supply of sandwiches. We’re gonna survive.
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    valkyries-bane, the sword that the character in my phone app game uses (with all the spell cards maybe?), and pizza and...
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    Sara-chan!!! Um i have… Magic powers? And i have unlimitrd orange cream popsicles that shall never melt UuU
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    einz-time, a portal gun, and a fucking lifetime supply of tootsie roll pops oh goody so long as we find some other food,...